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With the Airbrush-suction unit HS-E420DCLK you can efficiently prevent the unwanted spreading of spray paint when airbrushing.

Due to the LED lighting, which can be used separately from the suction, no additional lamp is necessary. Furthermore the lighting has a variable dimmer switch.

The device also is an excellent tool for the extraction of soldering fumes at Tiffany, casting operations with tin and lead or for working with paints and adhesives. The suction also is infinitely adjustable.

A powerful and yet quiet fan on the back of the device provides a maximum vacuum in the carrel of the work area. This enables a uniform suction over the entire filter surface.

The noise production is only 52 dB. The foldable housing parts, which are easy to open and close, provide an optimal air steering and yet allow an adequate and sufficient view onto the objects to be processed.

The solid construction guarantees a long service life if effectively cleaned.

The extraction unit can fast and easily be folded up or unfolded due to its innovative design. The HS-E420DCLK has a rotating disk which enables a simple and comfortable working. The workpiece can be easily processed from all sides by rotating it. If necessary more devices can be combined without the assistance of tools.

With the exhaust port (hose can be bought separately) of the airbrush suction unit you can efficiently prevent that the spray mist is spread during the process of airbrushing. With this port connection the exhaust air can be removed cleanly and quickly from the room. This combination allows the greatest possible benefit for your health. Paint vapours and odors can be removed cleanly with this hose.

Dimensions         420 x 240 x 150 mm (folded)

                420 x 480 x 360 mm (unfolded)

Operating voltage 12 V/DC

Input voltage 100-240 Volt / 50/60 Hz

Diameter 19.5 cm (Rotary Disk)

Acoustic level ca. 52 dB (very low noise)

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Airbrush Spray Booth 4m³/min with LED lights HS-E420DCLK 12 Volt

  • 150.00€

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