This new book by HMH Publications is the 9th in just over 2 years and is the biggest yet. In 140 pages, it brings an extensive portrait of the F/A-18 Hornet, covering A, B, C and D-versions, not forgetting the ATARS D-model in use with the US Marines Corps. Over 400 photos show the elegant jet in more detail and action than ever before!
As can be expected from the series, no detail is omitted. A thorough walk-around shows the airframe, but of course the cockpit of both single seat and two-seat Hornets aren’t forgotten. An impressive chapter of 20 pages shows the aircraft in maintenance! Throughout the book, you can find action from Hornets from many countries: USA (Navy & USMC), Spain, Switzerland, Malaysia, Finland, Canada, Australia and Kuwait. It gives you a closer look at the weapons that can be loaded on the “Legacy” Hornet and even offers you a close-up of the Hornet’s ejection seat and gun out of the airframe!

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Duke Hawkins: F/A-18 A/B & C/D Hornet

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