• French Infantry Set 1/35

Tamiya 1/35 

French Soldiers on the Front Line 

  • This is a six figure set of French soldiers counterattacking the invading German forces in the early period of WWII. Comes with the squad leader holding a pistol giving commands, four riflemen in various attacking positions, and a machine gunner in the lying position taking aim which adds to the tension of the situation they are in.
  • In addition to the open battle uniform and overcoat wearing soldiers, the "Kepi" helmet peculiar to the French military is also included.
  • The French soldiers are equipped with M1936 rifles and a Mle1924/29 machine gun, and pistol holsters add to the realistic finish.

About the Uniform

In the early stages of WWII, the French soldiers wore M1920/35 khaki field uniform provided from 1935, and many soldiers also wore a M1938 overcoat. Noncommissioned officers were equipped with the M1932 overcoat and leather leggings. When not in combat, all ranks wore the kepi helmet.

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French Infantry Set 1/35

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