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  • Big Boy Locomotive 1/87

Revell 1/87 pienoismalli, rakennussarja. 

The American Big Boys are among the longest and largest series steam locomotives ever built in the world. During the late 1930s, Union Pacific often used auxiliary locomotives to pull trains from Ogden, Utah to Wasatch over a steep pass. U.P. wanted to simplify this system and asked the in-house development department to design a new locomotive that could pull a 3,600 t train (up to 4,200 t) up the steep pass. The 25 Big Boy locomotives were built in 2 groups. The first group, called Class 1, was built in 1941. The second group (class 2) was built in 1944. The last freight train transportation managed by a Big Boy locomotive took place in July 1959. Most of the Big Boys were decommissioned in 1961.

About the model:

  • One-piece boiler replica
  • Separate smoke flap
  • Detailed driver's cab
  • Movable steering frames
  • Detailed drive wheels
  • Detailed drive linkage
  • Front protection grille
  • Detailed coal tender with ladders
  • Finely detailed track replica (approx. 48 cm)
  • Decals for 2 versions of the Union Pacific

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Big Boy Locomotive 1/87

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