This comprehensive saw set is perfect for all those modelling and craft tasks requiring detailed cuts and accurate preparation. Set includes:

  • No. 5 handle (PKN3305) compatible with #2 type blades. 
  • PKN1340: 125mm x 19mm (42tpi) 
  • PKN1350: 125mm x 25mm (42tpi) 
  • PKN1360: 125mm x 32mm (30tpi) 
  • PKN1390: 125mm x 32mm (54tpi) 
  • PKN1380: 125mm x 50mm (16tpi) 
  • PKN2727: Saber blade 
  • PKN2715: Keyhole blade

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Modelcraft Saw Set (8 Piece Set)

  • 38.00€