• VMS Airbrush Thinner 2.0 acrylic 50 ml dropper bottle

VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

Wide spectrum thinner for all modelling water-based acrylic paints. Formula includes levelling and homogenising agents + flow improver. Ensures viscosity optimal for airbrushing, remedies common problems such as paint running, cracking, pin-holing or "sandpaper effect" (flocked, coarse surface). Doesn't dry too fast which eliminates airbrush clogging, especially on hot days. 

Can be well used while painting with a brush - softens brush marks, and levels the coat. Paint thinned with Airbrush Thinners 2.0 won't exhibit broken pigment dispersion even if heavily diluted. Very low odour. Tested with all contemporary brands. 

Recommended techniques: Airbrush and brush 

Combine with: All brands of water-based acrylics

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VMS Airbrush Thinner 2.0 acrylic 50 ml dropper bottle

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