• VMS Airbrush Thinner 2.0 enamel 50 ml dropper bottle

VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

Substitute for more expensive stock thinners but just as good. Now you don't have to limit yourself to tiny bottles of stock thinners or try to to find substitutes in hardware shop. This thinner is wide spectrum, high purity product that works great with all enamels currently on the market. Remedies most common problems with enamels such as orange peel, paint running, and "sandpaper effect" (flocked, coarse surface). Doesn't dry too fast which eliminates airbrush clogging, especially on hot days.  

Excellent for painting with a brush - softens brush marks, and levels the coat. Low odour thanks to low aromatic content. Tested with all contemporary brands. Doesn't cause broken pigment dispersion effect even if the paint is heavily diluted.  

Recommended techniques: Airbrush and brush 

Combine with: All brands of solvent-based (enamel) paints

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VMS Airbrush Thinner 2.0 enamel 50 ml dropper bottle

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