VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

​A unique solution for replicating factory applied anti-slip coatings as seen on vehicles such as M2 Bradley, Stryker vehicle family, LAV, AVGP Cougar, AVGP Husky, Leopard, Boxer, Strv 122, Challenger 2 and others. The bundle contains proprietary slow curing, high solids adhesive and liquid micronised texturing material dispersion (liquid aggregate). The application process is similar to real life ant-slip creation procedure conducted in the factories. Product requires a 0.5 airbrush nozzle and a good compressor (2 piston type with 3 l air tank or better) to deliver constant pressure between 50 and 60 PSI. If you are normally using hi-standard tools for painting purposes we recommend that you dedicate a less expensive airbrush for the purpose of applying anti-slip although with correct nozzle and pressure there are no problems, cleaning the tool is very easy as the liquid texturing material contains no binder.

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Recommended techniques: Brush & Airbrush

Available volumes: 2x30 ml bottles in each bundle

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