• VMS SLOW-MO retarder medium for brush enamel

VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

Universal product that works with any enamel (solvent-based) model paint and extends its open time by 100%! With Slow-Mo drying retarder you will be able to exercise numerous weathering techniques such as glazing, blending or filtering and many more! Contrary to troublesome gel retarders Slow-Mo increases flow and can be used as typical paint thinner - mixes with paint more very easily. Typical usage is between 10 and 30%. Can be used as airbrush extender (to prevent tip drying). 

Combine with: Any enamel model paint

Recommended techniques: Brush

Available volumes: 50 ml dropper bottle

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VMS SLOW-MO retarder medium for brush enamel

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