• VMS UNIVERSAL weathering carrier STANDARD (white spirit equivalent)

VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

One carrier for all your weathering needs! Wide spectrum hydrocarbon complex with finely tuned aliphatic and aromatic content and medium evaporation rate. Indispensable while working with either Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders. Great for thinning, removing excessive binders and pigments, creating special effects. Compatible with other brands of enamel weathering products and classic enamels. Substitute for more harmful agents such as classic turpentine.


IMPORTANT: This carrier is safe to use over any acrylic coat but if you do your weathering over an enamel coat you should use light version which is much less likely to damage an enamel coat.  

Recommended techniques: brush

Combine with: Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders, pigments.

Available volumes: 50 ml dropper bottle, 200 ml refill

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VMS UNIVERSAL weathering carrier STANDARD (white spirit equivalent)

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